Who We Are.

Founded in 2015, Scalésia originates from a wine club called “Luanda Wine Tasting Club” founded by long time enthusiasts for wine aimed at educating and sharing the excellence of the best wines from around the world.

Our goal is to provide and promote the very best wine-related experiences, for that we ask you to buy wines that are true to themselves and true to you.

Exploring wine is an inexhaustible adventure for which you’ll need to enlist your friends and family. Wine is a beverage best enjoyed in the company of others, so drink wine with people you care about and enjoy.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part of an hopefully great experience for you. Enjoy,

Scalésia Team

Philosophy & Positioning


Focus on Quality

rather than Quantity


Diverse Portfolio

from all over the World


Target Wine Enthusiasts

not "Drinkers"


We sell Experiences

not JUST Bottles of WINE